About Atom Universe

Atom Universe is a free-to-play cross platform, multi region virtual world with a theme park setting, available on Steam and Playstation 4. Download the game for free and join our community of players from all over the world, customize your avatar, play games, chat, dance and make new friends! And if you fancy yourself as an interior designer, you can create your own private space and decorate with stunning furniture and accessories.


The Studio

Established in 2012, Atom Republic is an independent developer and publisher based in Surrey, United Kingdom. Our mission is to deliver innovation and an immersive player experience. Whilst still in Early Access, the game has already achieved over 700,000 downloads to date and its player base is constantly growing.


From the crowded theme park to the pulsing dance floor to a secluded retreat of your Woodlands getaway. Explore our vast diverse world of Atom Universe and find your perfect place. 


Reap the rewards with our mini-games and experience the fun of our theme parks rides. Over time, we'll be adding more exciting rides and mini-games for you try out and win big.


Connect with one another and create new friendships, take the time out to explore our universe together. As Atom Universe continues to grow, we'll be adding and exciting ways for you and your friends to bond.