Established in 2012, Atom Republic is a thrilling independent developer and publishing studio. Our main focus has been to deliver compelling content for online virtual worlds, creating innovative games, virtual items, creatures and worlds. 
Our first venture into the realm of virtual worlds was with Sony's PlayStation Home, where we quickly became one of the most innovative and fastest-growing developers on the platform. Now, we want to push the boundaries to the next level, turning our attention to the next generation of consoles and creating a truly exciting experience for all to enjoy. 
Atom Universe will offer PlayStation and PC players to cross-play and network with each other in our very own virtual world. Set within a theme park you will be able to explore our vast world and take part in mini-game with your friends. And with our advanced social interactions, you will be able to connect with each like never before. 

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From the crowded theme park to the pulsing dance floor to a secluded retreat of your Woodlands getaway. Explore our vast diverse world of Atom Universe and find your perfect place. 


Reap the rewards with our mini-games and experience the fun of our theme parks rides. Over time, we'll be adding more exciting rides and mini-games for you try out and win big.


Connect with one another and create new friendships, take the time out to explore our universe together. As Atom Universe continues to grow, we'll be adding and exciting ways for you and your friends to bond.