Dev Blog #61 – Hair-Raising Colours and SUPER Exciting Secrets

Hey there!

In this latest update we bring you news of the latest content to going live at midnight tonight (UK time), plus a little hint of what's to come next.

Show your true colours!

Colour customizable hair copy

Ok, it's time for something really special! We are so excited to bring you four amazing, unique hairstyles.

Express yourself and be so on trend with our new gradient hair. It's the ultimate way to update your look. Available for the Long Ponytail, High Bun, Wavy Mohawk and Long Bob. We can wait to see how you customise them and look forward to seeing lots more colourful hair in AU!

Calling all sports fans

sports themed shirts

Why not celebrate a thrilling year of sporting events across the globe with us? Whether it's ice hockey that intrigues you, basketball that beats your heart or golf that gets you going - we've got you covered.
Show your sporty side with these new colour-customisable t shirts and let everyone know about your devotion.

There's something special coming...

orbs copy

We are big fans of sneaky little secrets here at Atom HQ, and here we have another!
Can you feel the anticipation in the air...? What could it be? Is it...?

We'll were not telling...yet.

Don't miss our next big update, it's gonna be HUGE! He He!

Hope you all have a lovely week,

See you next time!


  1. RosieMoon
    June 16, 2017 at 02:13

    You guys are amazing

  2. RosieMoon
    June 16, 2017 at 02:13

    You guys are amazing