Dev Blog #64 – For your body and your brain…

Happy Thursday dearest Atomians!

Time to get excited - Thursday means a new dev blog, and midnight tonight (UK time) means more content released into the game!
Make sure you pop by to check out the new items, then head down to the Arcade Plaza to show them off :)

Music to our ears

This week we are highlighting one of our popular artists, Flawless, and we are giving away a t-shirt for free! Flawless regularly plays on the big screen in the Arcade Plaza. If you are a Hip-hop fan you can show you support by wearing his logo, which appears on the front and back of this awesome shirt. Don't forget that we also have free t-shirts for Altered Sky and Dear Agony with many more to come in future releases. Keep it black for the ultimate in cool, or colour-customise it for a more unique look. We love the music that we are able to bring you in the game, and we are proud to share these exciting artists with you!

6th July 2017 flawless copy

Casual cool

Try on our new stripy t-shirts, this time with fat stripes. Keep the white and customise the coloured stripe for effortless cool or customise both stripes for that personal touch. Eve players can team this with the new skinny jeans which are ripped on the knee.

stripy shirts and jeans copy

I'm sure you will love this zip-up patterned bodice for Eve and this trendy headphones t-shirt for Adam. If you are still looking for something summery, Adam players can wear the non-customisable Hawaiian shirt for a burst of colourful beach vibes.

6th July 2017 copy

Test your brains

Time for a little you remember the Brainiacs' Challenge? Our awesome moderator Steven is bringing it back and it's going to be all about Atom Universe! Compete with AU players across the globe to see who is the most knowledgeable about the game. We want to say huge thanks to Steven for running the competition. For more details and to take part, visit our forum. The current round closes at 11pm CT tomorrow night so don't miss out. Good luck!


And the winner is...


We are delighted to announce that the winner of our latest poll was the Swag Aviator glasses.
We are going to get started on these and you can expect them to come your way in a future update. Thank you to all who took the time to vote. Look out for our next poll starting very soon.

Logging in bug

We know a few of you had difficulty logging in recently, so we got right on that and fixed the issue. We are sorry if you weren't able to play for a while. If you are still having issues, make sure you have version installed, and if you still have issues after that, make sure you let us know through our support channel. Email with your username and more information about the problem and we will look into it for you.

That's all for now, have a great weekend!