Dev Blog #68 – Share the love! Check out your free gift

Hey hey!

Welcome to this week's devblog! How have you been? Hope you've been enjoying the new challenges 😀

Are you ready for some new content?

Let's go!

Our most exciting news is that we have made big improvements to our stability! Crashes and server timeouts will be much rarer, leaving you to hang out with your friends for longer without interruption! We have also increased the number of players in each public server again, so you are more likely to bump into your crew. Plus, we have new items for you to try, they are scheduled to burst into the game at midnight tonight (UK time).

Crashes fixed


We know that a lot of you have had a frustrating time trying to stay in the game recently. We apologise for this unfortunate period and we are overjoyed to report that with a lot of hard work and dedication from the AU team, these issues have now been fixed! AU is running smoothly, purring like a contented kitten.

But we know it hasn't been much fun to lose connection or not be able to log in.

So we wanted to say sorry; and thank you for your patience by giving you a limited edition exclusive item. Pop into the customisation screen before 23:59pm (UK time) on Thursday 10th August and trade in 1 Atom to claim your freebie rainbow design sweatband. Spread peace, love and happiness with this colourful design!

A happy ending at the end of the rainbow!

Zip it!

ZippedJeans copy

Look out for more varieties of the zipped trousers heading your way. There is a plain non customisable version for Adam and Eve, and a customisable version for Adam. Customisable versions will follow soon for Eve, we haven't forgotten her!

More zip jokes

newItems copy

Instead, Eve is getting this awesome customisable lace bodice, and a skirt with zip motifs. So she can still get zippy!

Speaking of zippy, if you are a subscriber, Eve now has sneakers to wear! So she can zip all round the place, and Adam can do it in comfort with these sweatpants. Or he could just lounge about on the sofa... sweeeeeeet.

I think we got that all zipped up. Zip-Zip Hooray!

Let's move on.


Premier items copy

We've been looking forward to releasing this next item for a little while now... DRUM ROLL.....ta-dahhhhh! Check out these super cute bow wings! They're colour customisable so wrap yourself up like a present and put a big smile on everyone's faces.

Subscribers can also wear these stars head boppers, perfect for a party or when pretending you are a disco alien. Which, we know you all do from time to time 😉

Support your favourite artists

K-391BandTshirt copy

This week we bring you a t-shirt celebrating one of our featured artists, K391, who is currently playing in the Arcade Plaza. So grab one and show your support. It's a really cool logo, and best of all it's colour customisable and completely free!

I can be your hero, baby... performing the new superhero poses, available for subscribers. Everyone loves watching good summer superhero blockbuster, full of action and adventure; and now we give you the power to BE the hero (saving lives not included 😉 )

Check out our elegant hula dance, or get in line with your other subscriber buddies and bust out this new line dance. How many of you can get in perfect synch? We'd love to see your screengrabs if you can gather 10 or more friends. There's an extra challenge for you!

Well have a great weekend! See you on the dance floor!

Bug Fixes

  • How'd that get back in there? We have removed the sound from the video screen in Aurora again, so it shouldn't be so loud in there!

Known Issues

  • Tracksuit Bottoms have some clipping issues when work with a long t shirt
  • Non-customisable zipped Jeans have a colour wheel which implies that they can be customised, but they cannot.
  • Rainbow wristband sometimes has a small clipping issue on the inside of Adam's wrist.