Dev Blog #69 – Luscious Locks, Poll Winners and Community Corner

Well hello, you beautiful Atomians!

It's time for some new items, arriving in on the hype-train right!
Pop into the game and check out the new stuff we have for you. And don't forget about your free wristband - more details below!

Some Say 'Taste', We Say 'WEAR' the Rainbow


Remember to visit AU before 23:59pm (UK time) on Thursday 10th August to claim your free rainbow wrist sweatband. That's TONIGHT people! Once it's gone it's gone, so make sure you can say 'I was there' by trading in 1 atom before the time runs out, and then you get to keep it!

Its great to see so many of you wearing them, and spreading joy and happiness! It is our gift to you to thank you for your patience and for joining us in AU!

Hair Gets Even Cooler

Bi-colour hair

Look at these awesome hairstyles! We've taken some of our most popular hairstyles and given then a funky twist. Choose two colours to wear in your hair and see what unique combinations you can create! If you loved the gradient hairstyles you will LOVE the bi-colour hair! Stand out from the crowd and bring a big splash of colour to your world.

Cash me if you can

Money hats

Its been a while since we brought you any baseball caps, so here's four new ones to try. Available with Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen logos, you can show the world what currency you deal in. They're customisable with two colours too! Cold hard cash only. Word.

Day of the Tentacle

Tentacle Earring

Back in May we asked you to vote on a new style of earrings to add to the game. The winner was the glowing tentacle earrings and we are so pleased to announce that they will be live at midnight tonight! They really do glow- watch them pulse on and off! They look so cool in the dark spaces...perhaps we need more dark spaces, hmmmm.... ?

Remember we do a community vote or competition every month, so make sure you keep an eye on our facebook page for more details of the next one. Get involved and have a say about what we create for the game!

Get Sporty

Sports t shirts

Did you know the World Athletics Championships are on at the moment? Why not celebrate with our running t-shirt? And if running isn't for you, we have new tennis and cycling ones too, all in simple but sweet designs with customisable colours.

Community Spotlight


We have an active community here in AU and we want everyone to know how special our members are. We want to thank our wonderful moderators who help keep things ticking over nicely; our amazing guides who help and welcome people every day; our fantastic content creators who make awesome videos to spread the word about Atom Universe; our lovely forum members who make ace suggestions; and our super community leaders who create events and competitions.

And of course we also want to thank everyone who drops by each day to play games, boogie or chat!

It's a lot of people to thank, but we really mean it! Thank you!

The next community event is this weekend, have a look here for more details. Hosted by JFCVC, it's a house party with an open invitation to all, but places are limited so check out the details and RSVP soon! Have fun if you take part!

That's all for now! Don't forget to grab your rainbow wristband, and I'll see you here next week for some exciting news about our next update. Oooooohhhh..... 😉

Buh bye!