Dev Blog #78 – Are you feeling lucky? Friday 13th, review of the year video and new items!

Hello my lovely Atomians!

That Lakeview Retreat eh? What a catch! We can't wait to bring it to you so keep an eye out for more news on its development.

Anyway, let's dive straight in because we have some awesome new things to share!

Friday 13th...unlucky for some...

Flyer copy

Is this the unluckiest day ever? Friday 13th is bad enough but to have one in OCTOBER!!! Whewww!

Well don't despair, you can turn it into a good 'un by joining us for our party on Friday from 8pm UK time.

It will be hosted by our lovely guides and we are sure you are going to have a great time...unless anything BAD happens...mwuhahahahahahahhahahhahahahah!

We're going to have spooky themed music and an exclusive free t-shirt, only available if you join us in game on Friday 13th October! Trade in 1 Atom for your t-shirt, and you can wear it all year if you are that unlucky :).

Scarf t-shirts are back!


We haven't released one for a while, but one of your favourite items is back with a new design. Have a look at this crazy tie-dye pattern with a customisable scarf. Available on the tight t-shirt for Adam and Eve, so again we are going a little old school on this one. We know some of you prefer the tight t-shirt for Adam, so watch out for more of that design in future updates.

We also have a soccer shirt for Adam and Eve and check out this smart little t-shirt for Adam with a flower patterned pocket, very stylish.

We know that Eve players loved the skirt with stripy leggings underneath, so here's another to make you smile, this one has rainbow stripy leggings.

New clothing available from midnight tonight (UK time).

Bundles of Joy

ZombieBundle copy

Another bundle is on its way! We have gathered together all the Zombie items we released earlier in the year for this special bundle just in time for Friday 13th October and Halloween. There's one for Adam and one for Eve.

Remember our bundles will work out an individual price for you based on what you already own, so it is guaranteed good value for everyone!

They're available NOW so use your braiiiiinsssssss and get your zombie on 😉

One Last Look at our Awesome Year!

So we have come to the end of our birthday activities. We had a wonderful time celebrating our 1-year anniversary- my favourite bit was the giant cake, what was yours?
There's still time to have one last look back over the year, so join us in celebrating what we have achieved together by watching this jam-packed video!

We would like to say a massive THAAAAANKS! to community members Orange Crush 83, Abiatha, RosieMoon, and our Guides Luuk and Guardian Hawk for contributing footage to this video.

So that's it for this week, we are going to scurry away and get cracking on what's next! Keep your eyes peeled for details on our Halloween events and keep dreaming of the lovely Lakeview Retreat <3 Bye for now!