Dev Blog #85 – Altered Sky Event, Free Christmas Jumper, New Clothes, Facial Hair & Accessories!

Hello Atomians and welcome to this week's devblog!

The week-end is nearly here and we have some really exciting stuff lined up for you. Are you ready to rock?

AlteredSky Music Week-End Event in Atom Universe 01Dec-03Dec!

5 talented Rock Musicians from Scotland are already making a name for themselves around the world! These guys rock! Open your eyes – and look to the Altered Sky!
From Friday night to Monday morning we will be streaming Altered Sky music in a dedicated event space.
Atomians get exclusive 33% MERCH DISCOUNT CODE which is available in-game welcome screen to use in Don't Miss Out!

Free Christmas Jumper

CompetitionJumper copy
Christmas has officially arrived to Atom Universe. Jenny Davis's winning design of Christmas Jumper for both Adam and Eve will be available from midnight tonight UK time and it's FREE FOR EVERYONE! This classic cable-knit is perfect for keeping toasty this winter.

NEW!!! Facial Hair for Men!

FacialHair copy
In the upcoming update we will be introducing facial hair for men. 4 styles to begin with: beard & moustache, basic beard, handlebar moustache & basic moustache.

New Clothing Items, New Hair & Accessories

30th Nov 2017 copy
This week's updates:

- Asian Silk Dress for Eve. Timeless Cheongsam Design with colour customisation.
- K-pop Suit for Adam. Versatile and modern, classy and sharp it takes its origin from South Korean pop culture.
- Quiff Hairstyle & Quiff Hairstyle with Gradient.
- Unicorn Tail. Everyone wants to be a unicorn! Gallop your way through the magic lands of Atom Universe with this fluffy rainbow unicorn tail. Neigh-neigh!

Reminder: 1st Advent Calendar item will appear 01Dec.

See you next week!