Dev Blog #88 – New Patch is LIVE!

Ho, Ho, Ho Atomians!

Merry Christmas to you ALL and BIG Thank you from Atom Universe Team for your continuous support! It's time to unwrap Christmas Patch!

New Patch

Atom Universe_20171219195200
New Patch is now live!
- Flag T-shirts are back
- Winter Forest Improvements are underway
- Items and Bug Fixes

Winter Forest Improvements

Atom Universe_20171219151839
We have started adding improvements to Winter Forest making it more entertaining:
- Snowball Fight is here. Press X to throw a snowball, use camera position to adjust the throw distance.
- Ice Castle Towers. You can now go up to the top of the Towers. On top of Weather Tower you can turn the snow on and off.
- Mini Treasure Hunt Game
- Fireworks by the Frozen Lake

New Artist in Atom Universe

Our New Year gift to all Atomians is a new talented musician to be featured in the upcoming playlists! Please Welcome Aljosha Konstanty! He has passionately been making music under the moniker of AK since 2012. Despite never considering himself being bound to a genre, he predominantly works within Ambient and Chillout. AK has done vocal collaborations with Holly Drummond, Laura Brehm, Veela, and many more. Please visit for music & merch.

New clothing Items

items 19th Dec 2017 copy
This week's new items for Adam & Eve include:
- Paint Splattered Bodysuit for Adam & Eve
- KPop Suit Variation for Adam
- Asian Dress with Pattern for Eve
- Pullover Hoodie for Adam & Eve
- Crop Top Hoodie for Eve

Have a lovely Christmas and amazing New Year!