Dev Blog #90 – SubD Studio Bespoke Spaces, Easter Items Ideas & Penthouse Progress

Hi Atomians!

In this weeek's dev blog we want to share the Penthouse space work progress, get your ideas on Easter Items and tell you about SubD Studio's bespoke clubs spaces design.


SubD Studio Bespoke Spaces

You are all familiar with SubD duo Sergio and Noel who created some of the amazing private spaces in the game: Mirage House, Cave House and LakeView Retreat. Creativity is these guys' second nature and they are now open to designing some unique spaces for either clubs or private users. So if you are interested in having a bespoke private space or tailor-made community club house, email with your ideas.

Easter Ideas

With a little bit of planning in mind we are now collecting ideas for Easter items and would welcome your suggestions on clothing, shoes, accessories and full body costumes. The best designs will be rewarded and will also be implemented in the game.

Penthouse Work in Progress

Here are some work in progress images of the master bedroom and the downstairs bar area for the Penthouse.

See you next week!

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