Dev Blog #94 – The Valentine’s Update is LIVE!

Hello Atomians!

The Valentine's Update is now live! It is packed with awesome stuff: new clothing items, dances, accessories and our most exclusive private space - Ocean Palms Penthouse.

Ocean Palms Penthouse

PalmsPenthouse copy
Ocean Palms Penthouse is truly one of a kind luxury space. With spectacular views of the ocean, it features premium designer interiors, aquarium, infinity pool, jacuzzi and private gym.


Atom Universe_20180208113710
The Penthouse has 18 different interactions. You can change Day/Night cycle, lift curtains on all floors, change mood lighting and many more.

New Beautiful Outfits for Couples

Atom Universe_20180208122950
The Valentine's Update has lots of different new outfits for couples. Some of them you can WIN! See our official Facebook and Twitter pages for details.

Classy Atomz Valentine Party

Want to party on Valentine's Day? Join Classy Atomz Valentine Party Server on 14 February at 6pm CST

See you next week!

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