DevBlog #35 – Early Access Release Dates & Premier Content Now Available

DevBlog #35 – Early Access Release Dates & Premier Content Now Available


Welcome this week’s DevBlog, it’s been quite an exciting week for us at the studio. Not only did details about the North & South American release come to light, but we’re all very happy to announce that Atom Universe will be rolling out in Australia from September 19th! If you haven’t had the chance so see our latest launch trailer, now’s the perfect time to check out.

Well, the big question now…When is Atom Universe coming to Europe? While we haven’t got a date set in stone just yet, we can confirm that we’re focused on bringing to Atom Universe to Europe next. Keep an eye out on our social media channel for more future updates.

Increasing Server Capacity

This weekend, we're going to increase our server capacity from 16 players to 32 players across PlayStation 4 & Steam. As part of a test, you're all invited to come and try to fill up our servers. If the test proves to be successful, we could potentially increase our server capacity to 32 players permanently.

Premier Content Now Available In-Game

Premier Content Available copy

We’re happy to announce that Premier Content (via the Premier subscription) is now available for Atom Universe on Steam and PlayStation 4™

By upgrading your account to the Premier subscription you’ll be able to get access to new features and bonuses from Atom Republic:

- Exclusive Clothing
- Exclusive Accessories
- Exclusive Dances
- Exclusive Emojis
- Exclusive Bowling Balls
- The Woodlands House
- Bonus Daily Atomz

And now, introducing a new section to our DevBlog.

Screenshot for the week

This week’s screen of the weeks comes from Facebook member Jonathan Hernandez, who carries the Atom Republic logo into battle on Call of Duty: Black Op 3.

14352188_1777176189236847_5058227859742552505_o (1)

Tweeters of the week

Each week, we'll be searching for the best of the best. Send us your best tweets @AtomRepublic and you could be included in our 'blog of fame'. Here's a handful of our favourite tweets from this week.

YouTuber of the week

This week @Kaptinfathed makes it into our video of the week selection! Since the announcement of Atom Universe's release date in North & South America, there been a buzz around the studio and we love it when we see members of Atom Universe Sphere sharing our news.


  1. Whitney
    September 16, 2016 at 15:48

    The feedback AR receives from its fan base, and the reaponses are golden. You guys stay on top of it. I’m excited for the release in North America.

  2. September 18, 2016 at 15:56

    YAYS Early Access is going live in Australia on September 19th (which is technically right now) and North America and South America this Friday, September 23rd! I LOVE the launch trailer! It’s great that the server capacity has been increased to 32 for all spaces this weekend so more stress testing can be done in preparation for this big launch week ahead. We did a stress test last Thursday with the Mirage House where the user limit was set to 32 and that seemed to go very well. Hopefully we can do even more during our Community Meetup today! :)

    Point of clarification though. Where it says that subscriptions are available now, that isn’t true for everyone yet. It has been available for Steam users for 3 weeks albeit a few issues with paying for it and is currently available in Canada since Early Access was made available in the Canada PlayStation store 2 weeks ago. Only as Early Access is rolled out to the Australia PS Store and N.A. & S.A. stores will the subscription be available in those regions. Hopefully Early Access will be coming to EU soon after, but I recall there being issues with Alpha to EU last year and so the same issues apply for Early Access.

    Nice screenshot by Jonathan Hernandez and tweets by everyone. Good job Joe on being named YouTuber of the week too.

    Thanks to the entire Atom Republic/Atom Universe team for all their efforts and keep up the great work. :)

  3. Nicplaysps
    September 19, 2016 at 16:41

    So sad about no European release date, Europe always gets left out, Kerbal space program has been out for months in the US, however still no EU release *sigh*, anyway great looking trailer!