DevBlog #36 - We’re live in North & South America!

DevBlog #36 – We’re live in North & South America!


It’s official, we’ve just released Atom Universe in North & South America on PlayStation 4. You will now be able to download and explore our virtual world for free! (Yes, you heard us, for free).

Atom Universe Early Access?

If you’re new to Atom Universe on PlayStation 4, you might be wondering what Early Access means for Atom Universe. Early Access means you have gotten early access to Atom Universe. By choosing to download and play Atom Universe, you have now become part of the development process.

During the Early Access phase, we will be developing Atom Universe based upon your feedback and actions in-game. You can submit new feedback and ideas to our community forums, but let’s also take this opportunity to report any in-game bugs. During the Early Access phase, it’s very likely that you will see bugs of all shapes and sizes. In order to help us squish all these bugs, please report them with on the following methods:

- Atom Universe Support Forums (PS4 & PC Players)
- Steam Forums (PC Players)
- Atom Republic’s support e-mail (PS4 & PC Players)

Important notice about Atom Universe's Servers

During the launch of Atom Universe we've received a higher amount of players trying to access and play Atom Universe. In return, players may not be able to join their desired server or join their friends in-game. We're completely blown away by the response we've had from everyone in the first few hours of releasing Atom Universe across North & South America. Now, we'll be focusing on servers to try and allow everyone to partake in Atom Universe. If you're unable to join the Arcade Plaza or The Hub, check to see if other areas such as the Mirage House is available.

Upcoming Content for Atom Universe

What’s that, in the not too distance future?!

Japanese accessories

New accessories are on their way. Firstly, introducing the Japanese Pack. This stylish pack will offer your avatar the ability some authentic Japanese headgear and one very awesome-looking samurai sword.*

Medieval accessories

Let’s take a step back in time to the Medieval era…Pick up the mighty looking shield and sword for your avatar*.

*Due to health and Safety reason, all swords must be kept sheathed at all times.

v. Patch Notes

With the release of Atom Universe in North & South America, another patch is released bringing you more features, items and poses to try out. Patch notes follow as:

- The Ferris Wheel is now open
- Spending Atomz is now a thing, purchase clothes, accessories & bowling balls.
- Preview items before spending your well earned Atomz
- More items and poses have been added
- Private messages UI improvement
- Custom furniture for guides’ private spaces…Is this a sign of things to come?
- Various bugs fixes

This week in the Atomsphere

Last week we introduce a section to our blog highlight our favorite moments from the community. Tweets shared, Screenshots posted and a special YouTuber rising to fame! And this week, we look for new stars in the Atomsphere.

Tweeters of the week

This week we've searched the tweetsphere far and wide and we've selected a bunch of favourite tweets from this weeks. If you would like to see your tweets appear on Tweeters of the week, include the #AtomUniverse hashtag in your tweets or tagged us directly via @atomrepublic.

Screenshot of the week

This week's screenshot of the week goes to the J.F.C & The Virtual Community. From today, they'll be hosting an all day party in-game celebrating the North & South American release of Atom Universe.


YouTuber of the week

Abiatha's Virtual Worlds is this week's YouTuber of the week. Showing off her fancy shades and luxurious Woodlands, we're very envious Abiatha 😉


  1. September 23, 2016 at 19:35

    What a great day this is for the Early Access version of Atom Universe to finally be released to the rest of North America, i.e. U.S. and Mexico, after being released to Canada 3 weeks ago. I’ve seen how busy the servers were this morning which was great even if there were issues like not being able to see the list of servers for the public spaces and only being able to access the personal spaces. Glad to see the Ferris Wheel finally working again. Thanks for featuring one of my many tweets this week about AU as I always promote the game and I love that screenshot from J.F.C & The Virtual Community for our launch party and love Abi’s video too!

    As always thank you for all your efforts Atom Republic/Atom Universe team and keep up the great work! :)