DevBlog #37 -  Community Update On Server Issues

DevBlog #37 – Community Update On Server Issues


Welcome to our latest DevBlog. Over the last couple of weeks, Atom Universe has been launched across North & South America and Europe, but as many of you aware...We've experienced some teething problems with the servers and during certain times of the day, it's been difficult for you to log into Atom Universe.

Due to the high amount of traffic we've received over the last couple of weeks, our servers have produced a wide range of issues from connectivity and slow loading times.

Resolving the issues

Firstly, we needed to improve the server stability and reliability to cope with a high load players during peak times. In order for us to achieve this, we needed to turn our attention to optimizing the back-end code and making adjustments to the configuration of the server. by doing this, we increased the performance of the server to perform faster request when you're trying to log into Atom Universe, creating new servers or attempting to join friends.

Furthermore, we needed to reconfigure the Google Cloud resources to allow a higher traffic of connected players to connect to the servers concurrently. By increasing quotas and updating the datastore, we were able to achieve this. Next up was ramping up the hardware specifications of the virtual machines used to accommodate more Unreal Engine servers. (these are the individual instances of you see in the level selection screen).

As a result, we were able to achieve an optimal performance during peak times allowing players to create more public and private servers.

Lastly, we are turning our attention to bug hunting. In order to create a better playing experience, we'll be listening to your feedback and reviewing any bug reports

Increased players capacity for Private Spaces

Due to some recent improvements made, we'll be increasing the player capacity in privates space (The Mirage House & Woodlands House) from 16 players to 32 players. During this, come and try them out and tweet us your get togethers with the #AtomUniverse tag.

This week in the Atomsphere

This week in the Atomsphere, we've searched far and wide for our favorite tweets, screenshots, YouTube videos. So, let's jump to it and get started!

Live from the Tweetsphere

During this week, new stars rise to fame and Dino boy might just be on to something...Here is our round up of favorite tweets

YouTuber of the week

This week's YouTuber is none other than Abiatha's Virtual Worlds trying out our latest attraction and watching the sunset from the top of the Ferris Wheel.

Screenshot of the week

Phwoar! Way a go K-Rage, you're the first member to make two appearances in same the Atomsphere. Look's like we're looking at another Civil War, but be careful guys... We've heard the Avengers have a Hulk.

That about wraps thing up for this week, ciao!


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  2. October 1, 2016 at 14:55

    Thanks for the this DevBlog Dave! I know that there were a lot of problems connecting to Atom Universe last weekend after Early Access for PS4 was released to all of North America (U.S. & Mexico as it was already released to Canada on Sept 2) and South America. But I know the developers worked hard on addressing the problem and I saw Alex that entire weekend. That showed his dedication and on Sunday when we were to have our weekly Community meetup which many couldn’t join, I sat with him a bit at Arcade Plaza. I really appreciate all his hard work! I noticed the connectivity issues started to diminish which was good since the Early Access was coming to be released to EU this past Wednesday, Sept 28. Initially there was a spike of issues with connectivity, but those too went down and for the past few days I’ve noticed hardly any connectivity issues to the AU servers. The issue with the public servers not being listed with only an option to start your own instance or purchase one seems to have been resolved and now users are able to see servers listed in the Main Menu and in-game. It’s been great seeing all the EU users on AU too! Thanks for the walking us through how the server connectivity issues were resolved with server-side code changes, server configurations and configuration changes to the Cloud for the creation of all the VMs. The use of the Cloud makes configurations and management of VMs easier and I’m glad that is what AU uses. It makes for a much more scalable solution with really infinite resources without the added hardware cost of housing multiple physical servers in an onsite data center. I recall when we had done a stress test with J.F.C & The Virtual Community a few weeks back when the user limit for the private spaces were increased to 32. Tomorrow for our weekly Community Meetup, I would like to have some of it at my Mirage House so more people can join. Plus it will be my birthday and so I’d like to be able to celebrate some with my online friends before going out tomorrow night.

    I’m glad to hear there’s is a focus on bug fixing because I’ve submitted many bug reports recently and still waiting on a some old ones to be fixed too. I know the bug list and the developer’s backlog is long so they all have to be prioritized, but hope more of these can be fixed soon!

    Congrats to Abi for being named YouTuber of the week again. I always love her AU videos!

    Thanks as always to all the efforts of the entire Atom Republic/Atom Universe team. Keep up the great work!