DevBlog #39 – Spooky things are coming to Atom Universe!

DevBlog #39 – Spooky things are coming to Atom Universe!


Firstly, we would like to start off with an apology. During last our DevBlog, we mention that a new patch (v0.4.5.4112) with a lot of awesome new features would be getting released sometime this week. Unfortunately, we’ve had to delay this patch for now (we hope you can forgive us)…We’ve got a couple of extra things we would like to try and sneak in before we release this new patch, but we’re working around the clock trying to get everything ready for the Halloween Holiday!

Atom Universe_20161014091507

While we’re waiting for the new patch let’s take a closer at some of the new gear that’s coming out. As part of our Halloween DLC collection, your avatar will be able to wear some ghoulishly new accessories including:

- An axe wedged into your avatars head
- Succubus ears (in the shape of bat wings)
- A pointy witch hat
- A long crooked witch nose
- Replace your avatar’s hand with a chainsaw
- Head mask carved out of a pumpkin
- A full-body skeleton suit for both male and female avatars
- Lastly, a skull face mask

Premier members will also receive some skeleton wings and a sinister skull mask!

Atom Universe_20161014093135

The Atomsphere

It’s now time to move on to our favourite section, The Atomsphere, who’s going to raise to fame this week? Let’s take a look over our weekly round-up of favourite content from around the Atom Universe Community.

Stars in the Tweetsphere

YouTuber of the Week

This week's YouTubers of the Week goes to RosieMoon! Check out her latest video to see what our Atom Universe Guide FlammanbeAce's Mirage House looks like.

Screenshot of the week

This week's screenshot of the week comes from @ACAnimuS! That's a big queue for the pool, but luckily there is enough room for everyone.

That about wraps things up for this week, ciao!


  1. October 16, 2016 at 16:10

    Looking forward to the new build this week (I see the correct build number was mentioned this time as it was specified incorrectly as v4.1.4.115 last week’s DevBlog) and all the Halloween items and décor in the Hub. I know there’s been an issue with the DLCs not being able to be downloaded for PC users on Steam so that only works on PS4. Hopefully that will be fix will be available with the new update so Steam users can purchase the DLCs for the Halloween content along with PS4 users. I saw someone suggest on the AU forums that these be available for purchase with Atomz and I agree. I saw Dena say she was gonna share that feedback with the rest of the team and so hopefully we’ll see some of that Halloween content purchasable with Atomz. Good to see that pic of me and other AU Community members dancing. It was cool how we were able to for the most part get in sync! That was taken from our weekly AU Community meetups which are always fun. In fact the next one is later today at 3pm CST. Join us if you can! :)

  2. john
    October 25, 2016 at 13:30

    hi I bought the Halloween DLC last night oct 24 but I cant access any of the items in the dlc in the customization section do they require a new update?