DevBlog #47 – The Holiday Season Is Here!

Happy Holidays postcard

Yes, its that time of year again where the development team must put away their keyboard, switch off their monitors and return to the warm embrace of their loving families. This will be the last update from us in 2016, but fear not as we will return in 2017 fresh faced and ready to go!

What we’ve achieved in 2016:

Without a doubt, 2016 has been a challenging, fulfilling and a crazy year for us. Over these 12 months, we saw the closed Atom Universe Early Access released on Steam, the PlayStation 4 and full public launch!

Let’s take a look at some of our other achievements we’re proud of this year!

- February, we released Atom Universe to our Kickstarter backers on Steam
- In March we publicly released Atom Universe on Steam Early Access
- PlayStation 4 Kickstarter backers got access to the closed Early Access in April
- Atom Universe became publicly available for PlayStation 4 players in September
- Since the public release, we’ve had over 320,000 downloads around Steam and PlayStation 4
- We have over 100,000 monthly active players
- There are hundreds clothing, accessories, dances and poses in-game
-- 6 mini-games
-- 4 private spaces
-- 2 public spaces
- Basic avatar customization
- Doubled the size of our development team
- And to top it all off…1 awesome Atom Universe community. Thank you all for your continued support!

Looking towards the future

With 2017 just around the corner, we won’t be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, here are some of the things we’re planning on bringing to you in the not too distant future!


Our second arcade game is nearing completion! In AquaVenger, you’ll have to make your way through 5 challenging levels facing deadly underwater critters and fighting deadlier bosses. Pick-up weapon power-ups to increase your arsenal of powerful attacks.

Japanese Garden


2017 will see the release of our latest private space called the Japanese Garden, where your avatar will be able to relax in a zen-like environment surrounded by Japanese architecture and scenery

VIP Areas & Private Space Customization

We'll also be looking forward to introducing two brand new features to Atom Universe! Firstly, VIP Areas will introduce special areas in-game where players can get a preview of new content coming to Atom Universe, or maybe you just want to mingle with other VIP members! The first VIP area will become available in the Arcade Plaza, Premier members will automatically gain access to VIP areas and non-premier players will also have the ability to become VIP members, but we will be going to into more detail over the new year.

Private space customization is also on the cards for 2017, the first implementation of this will allow you purchase your favourite arcade games and store them within your own private space. We're very excited to see how this feature can evolve over 2017.

That about wraps things up for 2016 and for this DevBlog, we hope you all great time over the festive season and we'll see you all soon in the new year!