DevBlog #48 – Upcoming changes and a new update coming today

DevBlog #48 – Upcoming changes and a new update coming today

We’re back! Now that 2017 is officially here, the Atom Republic team have returned to the studio and we’re kicking off another year of development by bringing you a new update to Atom Universe. However, that’s not all…our trusted DevBlog is also undergoing some changes in 2017!

Upcoming changes to the DevBlog

In 2017 we’ll be changing the frequency of our DevBlogs. Over 2016 we were releasing these posts on weekly basis, but after some careful consideration over 2017, we’ll be decreasing how often we share these posts. Instead of weekly updates, we’ll be delivering fortnightly updates with the aim of sharing more structured DevBlogs with you.

Patch v0.4.7.4131 goes live today on PlayStation 4 & Steam

That’s right, our first update of the new year is getting released today! Premier members will be able to access our latest private space, the Japanese Garden.


Take a step back and enjoy a tranquil and zen-like experience with the Japanese Garden. Sit back in your deck chair and enjoy the view or explore a minimalistic private space complete with Japanese architecture.

Zombie Clothing now available to purchase

A new line of clothing is now available within the user settings…Urrrrrgh! *Cough* You’ll now be able to purchase Zombie Clothing for Adam and Eve. The Zombie Clothing includes a top, pants shoes and eye lenses for both male and female.

Wild dice have appeared in the Hub

Some rather strange looking dice have appeared in the Hub, but what could they mean? Well, that’s completely up to you and your friends, can you think of any dice games you can play with other?

Introducing the VIP Area

Recently, we’ve been playing about with the idea of VIP areas in-game and we’ve implemented the first pass into the Arcade Plaza, if you’re a Premier member you will be able to enter this area and play an early access preview on the Arcade Machine, AquaVenger! We’d love to hear your feedback about this and how we can improve upon this idea!


As part of the Early Access for Premier account, the AquaVenger will be available within the VIP area located in the Arcade Plaza.

The AquaVenger features 5 challenging levels to play through featuring deadly enemies and even deadlier bosses. Can you set the highest score?

Private Space Customization

The first implementation of customizable private spaces is here. You’ll now be able to purchase the Atom Blaster arcade machine for your very own private space. It's time invite your friends around for games night!

With this being the first implementation, we’re extremely interested to hear your feedback on how we can improve upon this feature. If you’ve got any suggestions, please do head over to our forums and post your feedback in the Feedback & Suggestion subforum.

Patch Notes – v0.4.7.4132

  • AquaVenger arcade game now available in the VIP area located in the Arcade Plaza
  • A strange set of dice have appeared in the Hub
  • VIP area is now available for Premier members
  • Japanese Garden is available for Premier members
  • Zombie Clothing is now available in the User Settings menu
  • Baseball Caps & Top hat are now available in the User Settings menu
  • Additional Accessories are now available in the User Settings menu
  • Purchase the Atomblaster arcade cabinet for the Mirage House, Woodlands House and Tree Top house private spaces
  • Chat color has now been brightened
  • Chat box no longer scrolls down when new messages are submitted
  • Various bugs fixes