DevBlog #49 - The return of SubD Studio

DevBlog #49 – The return of SubD Studio

Today, we start off by looking back to one of our older blog posts, the date? October 12th 2015, when we got our first preview of SubD's private space known as the Cave House.

Who is SubD?

For those of you who are new to Atom Universe, SubD Studio might be an unfamiliar name to you while for our early adopters, SubD's name will be ringing bells. However, we can guarantee that you've already seen their work in Atom Universe! SubD's first private space has been in Atom Universe since the get-go. Still need a hint?

That's right! The SubD duo Sergio Isaev and Noel Toro are the team behind the impressive desert getaway, Mirage House and now they're back with the Cave House and it's safe to say that this private space is on the horizon for Atom Universe.


The Wheel of Luck

Another one of our works in progress is the Wheel of Luck, similar to the Dice game that was implemented in our previous update. The Wheel of Luck will be making its appearance in the near future, once implemented into Atom Universe you'll be able to find this mini-game in the Hub...but what games can we exactly play with it? Well, that's completely up to you!


Who's up for a game of Simon Says?

That just about wraps things up for this entry of our DevBlog, till next time, ciao!