DevBlog #50 - New Animations and Clothing in the works

DevBlog #50 – New Animations and Clothing in the works

Greetings, welcome to our slightly late DevBlog!

Following on from our previous entry, this week we’ll be taking a closer look at the development team’s latest content that’s planned to be making an appearance in Atom Universe in the not too distant future.

New Animations and Clothing

Head Accessories


Premier Members will be gaining access to two new accessories in the next update. Firstly, the Atom Republic Dogtags - this accessory will only be available to wear for players who use Adam as their main avatar. Secondly, Diamond Earrings will be available for purchase in our in-game store. Lastly, premier members will be able to wear a warm woolly Pompom Hat for both Adam and Eve.

Halter Dress and Baggy Top


Premier members will also be able to access a stylish Halterneck Dress for players donning the Eve avatar. The Atom Universe store will also be getting some new attire for both Adam and Eve.


You will be able to purchase a casual looking Baggy T-shirt and Skinny Jeans for Adam and some slick looking Sports Leggings for Eve.



Premier members will be gaining three new dance moves to show off on the dancefloor, known as jumpstyle. Adam and Eve will be able to alternate between three different variations of this dance. Premier members will also be able to use the Love Heart pose for Eve and the V Sign for Adam. Lastly, everyone will be able to use the Thumbs Up pose for Adam and Eve.

Community Poll

Earlier this week, we closed the polls on our latest Community Suggestion Box for what type of Sandal you would like to see in Atom Universe next. The most popular suggestions being *drumroll* B and C!


These suggestions are now in the queue to be implemented and we’ll be looking to add them into Atom Universe in the not too distant future.

Recent Changes to the Atom Universe Servers

Recently, you might have noticed that the personal spaces have vanished from the Public Space tab, and the Hub and Arcade Plaza have vanished from the Private Space tab. We’ve been reviewing how we can best utilise Public and Private spaces. At first glance, we realised that the current set-up is rather confusing and blurs the lines between what’s a public space and what’s a private space.

Now, we’ve decided to go back to the roots of what Public and Private spaces are. Within the Public Spaces tab, you will only find spaces like the Arcade Place and the Hub. Whereas with the Private Spaces tab, you’ll be able to access all of the personal spaces like the Mirage House, Woodlands House, Japanese Garden etc!

You may also have noticed that if you’re using a free account on Atom Universe, you are no longer able to create public servers anymore. If you’re a Premier member you’ll still be able to create public servers for the Hub and Arcade Plaza, however, this isn’t a permanent solution and we’re going to continue to look at ways to return this functionality for all users, while minimising server costs.