Patch v4.13 – Engine Giant’s Fire Clan Master Bundle Is Now Available

Did someone just turn the heat up in here?

We're happy to announce that Engine Giant Entertainment has brought the Elemental Masters collection to Atom Universe.


The Fire Clan Master gear will be available onwards from our next update, patch v4.13. Keep an eye out in the Atom Universe Store for the Fire Samurai DLC.

Patch Notes

  • Engine Giant's Fire Samurai DLC added to the Atom Universe Store
  • Chat now auto-scrolls to the bottom when closing chat
  • Fixed email verification issues
  • Chat Speech-bubbles are in correct position while scaling with distance
  • R3 crash bug fixed
  • Large Bed furniture is now available in Cave House
  • Furniture customize pop up messages are hidden for guests in private spaces
  • Users no longer get stuck in chat after playing Holo-horses
  • Back-end performance improvements